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Best Man Speech Advice for Prince William

Prince Harry has asked his brother Prince William to be best man at his wedding to Meghan Markle. A brother is capable of shedding light on a man like no other. You must remember, however, that no matter how many wrongs you brother inflicted on you over the course of your childhood rivalry, this is his big day. We've conjured up a few suggestions to help William create a best man speech for his brother that pulls no punches but doesn't dig too deep.

Prince William's Best Man Speech Revealed

Best Man Speech Competition

If you fancy yourself as a comedic royal commentator, why not give old Wills a hand and enter our Best Man Speech Competition? We're looking for comic material that Prince William could use in his forthcoming Best Man speech, so if you reckon you could do better than the blokes we paid to write our royal wedding speech article , it's time to put your funny where your mouth is. The best entry will win £250 - almost enough for one royal napkin. Three runners-up will also win £50, and you can enter by clicking this right royal link here.

Prince William, what not to say in your Best Man speech!

"Despite the drug dens, the dodgy mates and the public gaffes - Harry's not done bad for a boy who grew up in state accommodation and lives off benefits."

"If truth be told; Harry and Meghan are both from very different backgrounds. There's no denying it. She grew up in Hollywood, Harry grew up in my shadow. She's spent time on the silver screen, whereas he's more acquainted with a silver spoon. And as a student, Megan briefly moved to Argentina, whereas Harry spent most of his teenage years in Chelsey. Nice girl."

"I have to say my father and I were rather worried when Harry told us he planned on wearing an 'official military uniform' to the service. We've been tracking his eBay purchases lately just to make sure."

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