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Best Man Basics

Best Man Speech Explained

The best man's formal speech duties are typically light, involving perhaps the occasional short tribute or response to a toast. Then it's time for the mayhem, with a full and frank character assassination of the groom your primary goal. This can take the form of entertaining stories, deft one-liners or illuminating observations, and then, after the odd sprinkling of sentiment, you'll want to ramp things up with a killer ending to make your speech as memorable as possible.

Tips on how to write a best man speech

  1. Be optimistic and congratulatory towards the newlyweds, even if you know it's not going to last.
  2. By complimenting the bride, her mother and her bridesmaids, you'll get a guaranteed round of applause.
  3. Make people laugh and get to the point. Wedding speech jokes are best delivered with short, sharp lines.
  4. Jokes based on a common experience are a great way to unite the wedding guests.
  5. Don't insult the bride or her friends, unless you're happy to undergo an impromptu vasectomy under the table.
  6. Never refer to ex-girlfriends or boyfriends, especially if they're there.
  7. Use anecdotes that everyone can relate to, and which don't require a lengthy backstory to explain.
  8. Try to say everything in less than 9 minutes.
  9. Avoid gimmicks. If your speech relies on props, videos or a dance routine, it's probably about as funny as your neighbour's holiday snaps.
  10. Sugar the pill. If you've dedicated a significant portion of your speech to mocking someone, at least say they turned up looking nice today.

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Every wedding ceremony is its own unique occasion, and the bizarre choices some couples make with regards to the minister, the music and the vows can be an excellent source of best man material. This is an effective way to get a reception crowd on side early, as there can be no more common ground than the wedding ceremony you all witnessed just hours before.

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Acknowledging Notorious Members Of The Family In A Wedding Speech

Every family has that one person whose reputation precedes them wherever they go. Be they an alcoholic aunt, a ditzy daughter or a slightly racist grandpa; these characters can't help but be the centre of attention, but boy do they ever provide you with some excellent speech material.

"I love people watching. Not in a weird way. But just look at Gary's parents. You can see on their faces how proud they are of their son. Isn't that beautiful? And they're right to be proud, because over the last year Gary's really made a name for himself - although he had to do that so Lucy couldn't find out about his saucy past."

"Some people think weddings are just an excuse for a big family reunion. Those people have never met my family. The only thing that could make this get-together more dangerous is if we started talking about Brexit while playing Monopoly."

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