Best Man Speeches

Family of the groom? The material here caters for specific scenarios, including various speeches for fathers, brothers (younger and older), sons, and even cousins. As you'll see, when you're family, there are some distinct advantages to compiling your speech. This section also provides specific speeches for a female best man, and a best man double act.

Best Man Speech from a Younger Brother #1

(Groom’s younger brother? There’s nothing like a bit of sibling rivalry to get people rolling around in the aisles.)

In this speech the Best Man highlights the defining moments of the Groom’s life. It’s a ride down memory lane, making pit stops at a number of the Groom‘s flaws. But wait! The speech is also about the future of the Bride and Groom. A vital ingredient to any Best Man speech.

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It's the job of the best man to say a few complimentary things about the groom. Well, he’s handsome, intelligent and is naturally gifted at sports. Of course, none of this should come as a surprise – we do, after all, come from the same gene pool.

Best Man Speech from a Younger Brother #2

(Everyone loves a slice of sibling rivalry: As the Groom's younger brother, you're all set to bring the house down.)

The humour in this speech comes at the expense of the Best Man, but in a very clever way. Portray yourself as an envious underachiever convinced that your ‘perfect’ brother is the number one son. You devious boy, you.

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It hasn’t always been easy growing up in the footsteps of an older and more successful brother. He was always the first to do things; to win awards at school, to get girlfriends, to use the bathwater... Of course, I have learnt a great deal from Paul's always being first. I was, for instance, able to avoid some truly terrible haircuts. As you can see, that one's still relevant now.

Best Man Speech from a Younger Brother #3

(A younger brother describes the life lessons the Groom has taught him. Or failed to.)

You can make harmless jokes at the Groom’s expense, provided you ultimately acknowledge what a wonderful brother he makes. Oh, and he’ll make a fine husband too - don’t forget that part. This speech illustrates how best to recall family anecdotes so as not to eliminate those that weren’t there.

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As Paul’s lighter brother – sorry, I meant little brother, I would also like to welcome Linda into the family. I think you’ll find the Wilsons to be a warm and open family. Just never play cards with us that‘s all.

Best Man Speech from a Younger Brother #4

(A Best Man shares stories of his perfectionist, yet procrastinating brother.)

This Best Man opts for a whimsical run-down of the formative years he shared with the Groom. If you’re a natural storyteller, this speech will show you where and how your yarns could fit in.

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Now before I begin this speech, I'd like to ask you all a little favor. The thing is, by the time I've finished, you're going to be in no mood to live, let alone clap. So what I'm going to ask you to do is give me a standing ovation now, while the going's still good (audience stands up, claps). Okay, now what I want you to do is direct all those good vibes to the two people who really matter here today – Linda and Paul! (standing ovation is directed to the bride and groom).

Best Man Speech from a Younger Brother #5

(The Best Man recounts stories of the Groom as teacher, protector and travel companion, relaying lessons that the Bride can learn from these experiences.)

The example below serves as a neat template for a formal and sincere Best Man toast to a sibling. Hopefully the audience will appreciate you for this straightforward and sensible style.

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As Paul’s younger brother and best man, I have the joy of sharing a few words with you this evening.

Best Man Speech from a Younger Brother #6

(The Best Man presents his brother as a role model. How sweet of you!)

If you’re uncomfortable with the funny route, have been warned off by your parents, or just prefer a more sentimental approach, use this template as a guide.

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Paul, I know we've had our arguments in the past. Like that time you stole the Oreos from my lunch pack. Or the time you tied me up outside the school gates. But all that's in the past now. Heck, it was well over a week ago. Whatever you've got up your sleeve next, I know I'll forgive you, because I love you man!

Best Man Speech from an Older Brother #1

(A Best Man and Older Brother recounts stories about the Groom. But it's not all in the name of nostalgia; apparently the Bride can learn from these experiences too. Apparently.)

This entertaining speech and toast is an ideal template for a Groom’s brother in the role of Best Man. The laughs come from a Best Man looking back to the Groom’s past in an attempt to explain his failings. As the extract below indicates, the Best Man devotes a section of the speech pondering the newlyweds' future and how he himself might fit into the picture.

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In the future I see Sunday dinners, the families together, the harvest of honest work upon the table. I hear the laughter of children, I smell the wonderful odour of home baked bread. Then I see I’ve got the address wrong. I’m at the house next door. Oh well. Let me find the right house. Ah, there’s Paul and Linda. They welcome me into their home. The children run to me. Then they run past me. They run into the street and keep going. Paul and Linda run after them. I am alone with their fridge. It couldn’t have gone better if I had planned it.

Best Man Speech from an Older Brother #2

(An older brother uses his insider knowledge to bring the house down.)

A Best Man Brother knows the Groom like no one else. You know things about him that could sway the Bride’s mind about this whole wedding! But be kind: jokes about potty training and childhood sweethearts are best left in the family. Weddings celebrate togetherness, and this speech is an example of how to include the whole audience.

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My name is Jason, Paul’s older brother and best man for the day. Paul didn't choose me in the traditional way. In fact me and our other brother Sean drew straws… and just because I'm stood up here don't for one minute think I was the winner.

Best Man Speech from an Older Brother #3

(Shared experiences from nappies to nuptials makes for great speech fodder in this Best Man speech from an older brother.)

Being the older brother of the Groom presents you with some unmissable speech opportunities. Incorporate memories of the Groom to form an entertaining, yet complimentary piece. This speech illustrates how to tell family ‘in-jokes’ in a way that other guests still feel included. The all-round vibe will be much more comfortable for it.

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Fret not, ladies and gentlemen. My speech won't drag on. After a late request from the bride, and in the interests of self-preservation, I've removed from this speech anything that could upset or embarrass her or the Groom … Thank you very much and good afternoon (Sit down).

Best Man Speech from an Older Brother #4

(The Groom's older brother reminisces about childhood escapades, and is kind enough to take a share of the blame for the Groom’s imperfections. How selfless!)

Here's the ideal speech if you are looking to derive entertainment from the Groom’s indecision and persuasion to worry. The Best Man laments his failings as an older Brother, unable to prevent the Groom from acquiring some undesirable character quirks. On the surface, it sounds like you're taking the mickey out of yourself. In actuality, the Groom is the butt of most jokes. Ingenious.

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When my baby brother, Paul, asked me to be his Best Man, I seriously thought about saying “no.” I’m not that fond of making speeches and I’m a little uncomfortable with the idea I'm expected to give Paul advice as he starts married life. After all, bad advice is at the heart of every classic story from our childhood.

Best Man Speech from an Older Brother #5

(The Groom's older brother talks about the Groom's interest in golf along with his charity work, and his career as a banker.)

The jokes in this speech result from a Best Man who clearly knows the Groom inside out. Brothers can get away with humor that is harsher and more shallow, and this should be taken advantage of; just like in the following extract.

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My family and I wish to thank each of you for joining us here tonight for the happiest of occasions: my little brother’s marriage to his lovely bride, Linda. Paul, it is not every day your friends and your family, your neighbors and your coworkers, come together from near and far, to say... “Is she really going to go ahead with this?”

Best Man Speech from an Older Brother #6

(An older brother emphasizes the Groom's attributes and qualities. Perhaps they’ve made some kind of pact...)

A Best Man proud of his older brother charts the Groom’s early successes and expresses his fondness of the Bride (classily, mind). Brotherly love is at the heart of this speech. Maybe you guys used to hate each other... there has to be some reason why you’d go for sentiment over roast.

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Paul, I am extremely proud to be your older brother, and truly honored to be your best man. In spite of our seven year age difference, we share a special closeness and friendship that I treasure. Maybe that's got something to do with me acting three and a half years younger than my age, and you acting three and a half years older. But seriously, as your big brother I've always tried to watch over and protect you. Just as often though, it's been the other way round.

Best Man Speech from a Twin Brother

(A lighthearted toast from a Twin Brother, cheekily suggesting the Groom's party days are behind him. )

The Groom is the life and soul of the party and the Best Man wants everyone to know it. Maybe the Best Man is concerned that marriage will dumb the Groom down, result in fewer hall passes and generally restrict his fun. Of course, anyone already married knows that’s exactly what will happen.

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I'm sure a good deal of you have either witnessed Paul's party animal exploits firsthand, or otherwise read about them in the papers. Linda is going to tame that wild, lion-like mentality of yours for good, Paul. At least I assume that's what the whip, top hat and false mustache you keep in the bedroom are for...

Best Men Double Act #1

(A sizzling collaboration between the Groom’s two Best Men. Between you, paint a light-hearted picture of the man you’ve come to know so well.)

The key to being a great Best Men double act is to avoid stepping on one another’s toes. An audience shouldn’t be in any doubt as to who they’re focussing on. This means making a clear separation in the dialogue. Explain from the get-go there are two of you doing this speech (as in the extract below).

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Paul chose Scott and me to be joint best men so we could both be by his side on his wedding day. Me, so he'd look slimmer, and Scott, so he'd look taller.

Best Men Double Act #2

(Are two heads better than one? Only if they’re not competing against each other. This speech ensures both best men stay on level-pegging throughout.)

Two of the Groom’s best mates join forces to reveal the singular effect this man has had on their lives. This speech demonstrates how to incorporate two personalities and two perspectives into a single performance. Ripping into each other a bit can be comical too. Joint speeches often fail as a result of a poor format choice, but stick to the format here, and you’ll come up trumps!

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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I will keep this brief. You may not be aware but there are actually two best men today, and I know the other one drones on for hours…

Best Man is Groom’s Father #1

(This speech by the Father of the Groom expresses pride and pleasure at the honour of being Best Man. )

Here’s a speech that gives the Father of the Groom's amusing thoughts on his son's wedding day. The Bride and her family are welcomed into the family fold, and he mentions some of his son's exploits during his growing years. From the style and tone, it’s clear this is very much a Best Man speech and NOT a Father of the Groom one.

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It’s not that often a best man can say he’s known the groom as long as his mother, but I can. Like all fathers, I never see my children as grown up. It’s not that long ago I was bemoaning to a friend that Paul was a typical teenager. At that point my wife reminded me he was 27.

Best Man is Groom’s Father #2

(A comical toast from the Groom’s Father acting in the capacity of Best Man. )

The Father of the Groom explains how much his son means to him and how happy he is to gain such a wonderful daughter-in-law. It expresses a Father’s pride and honour at being asked to fill the Best Man role. Amusing words of fatherly advice are offered, lending the speech a comical tone throughout. As the Father of the Groom, careful consideration must be given to ensure you don’t step on the Father of the Bride’s toes. Remember, it’s a Best Man speech!

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Paul has been a wonderful son to Sally and myself and at this point of our parting with him into another’s keeping we thank him for the 23 unbroken years of joy he’s given us. I know he’s 25, but we don’t count those couple of years in the middle when he owed that blasted Ford Capri.

Best Man is Groom’s Father #3

(This Best Man conveys pleasure and pride at being invited to support his son on such a special occasion.)

This speech is of the sincere and sentimental variety, although not entirely devoid of humour (that would be a mistake). The Groom’s father reminisces about the man he hoped his son would become one day. Share your wish that your son will be a devoted husband who will lead his family with strength and love. And then make it apparent you don't have absolute confidence in him to do this.

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I'm overwhelmed with happiness that today my son is beginning the rest of his life with the woman of his dreams. Of course, I managed to marry the woman of my dreams two years earlier on in my life. But Paul can't be expected to outshine his excellent dad.

Best Man is Groom’s Father #4

(Father of the Groom? Praise your son's character and devotion to his family, while welcoming the Bride into the fold. You'll be the most popular man of the day. Aside from the Groom of course.)

As Father of the Groom, you've got to refrain from the natural tendency to boast about your son’s accomplishments (everyone knows he's wonderful anyway). Instead, present an unbiased view including any amusing shortcomings. In fact, amusing shortcomings should feature heavily.

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It may sound odd to some of you that a father and son could be best friends, but I consider it life's greatest blessing. While I'm not going anywhere Paul, and you can always count on me, today I pass the baton to Linda. She's your new partner in life's adventures. And I am confident that both of you will share laughter, love, and a passion for everything you choose to pursue. As long as you choose to pursue everything that Linda wants to pursue.

Best Man is Groom’s Son #1

(Is your father the Groom? Here's how to embark on a light roasting, simultaneously paying compliments to his new Bride (that bit's essential).)

The Groom’s son paints the Bride as a heroine for managing all the quirks that come as standard with his Father. Fully endorse the marriage, and describe the happy couple as perfectly suited and destined for happiness. It's really important that the Bride in this case has your 'blessing' as it were. The sample below plays on the feelgood spirit of a wedding occasion.

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I must admit that I have made a very similar speech to this before. Once at a barbecue for the Cheshire Naturist Society, and another time at the Manchester Haemorrhoid Help League’s AGM. Apologies Dad; this will be the third time you’ve heard this.

Best Man is Groom’s Son #2

(Your own father in the role of romantic suitor? There's only one way to respond to that: With tongue-in-cheek vibes. But say some nice things too, mind.)

What exactly has your Father's new Bride let herself in for? Enlighten the room on a few of your Dad's foibles. At the same time, express delight that your Father has found such a loving companion, and reiterate that the Bride is a welcome addition to the family.

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You’re a lucky woman, Linda, especially if my father treats you with the same respect and consideration with which he’s treated me. He’ll show you how to start the lawnmower. He’ll show you what goes in the recycling. If you're really good to him, he'll show you his back issues of Top Gear magazine. Oh sorry, you thought he'd taken them to the dump didn't you...

Best Man is Bride’s Brother #1

(Are you the Bride's brother as well as the Best Man? Look no further than this speech; it sends both newlyweds up in equal measure. We live in an age of equality after all...)

If you know both the Groom and the Bride well, that makes your speechmaking job a whole lot easier. This speech is light-hearted and cheeky in tone, yet shows genuine admiration for the newlyweds too. The humour comes from pointing out to the new Bride that she's unlikely to change the Groom's previous obsessions. Just make sure sis has a sense of humour...

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Firstly, on behalf of the bridesmaids, I’d like to thank Paul for his kind words and to reiterate how wonderful they both look and what a fantastic job they have done today. I would also like to say that Linda looks stunning, as I’m sure you’ll all agree. Which really isn’t that much of a surprise given we're related. Also, sis, I want those shoes back by the end of the day.

Best Man is Bride’s Brother #2

(The Best Man expresses the good wishes of a brother for the Bride and her Groom on their wedding day. Cheekily, of course.)

Here, the Best Man speaks about what the couple and their marriage mean to their families and friends. The Groom’s attributes and achievements are applauded, while the Best Man looks forward with confidence to the newlyweds' shared future.

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Paul’s got it all. Every evening he’s greeted with smiles and compliments. He has his coat taken, his shoes removed, is served a cold gin Martini, followed by a slap-up dinner. After that he thanks his mother and heads over to my sister's place.

Groom’s Cousin in Best Man Role

(A Best Man cousin reminds family and friends of all the things the Groom would rather forget. That's what family is for, after all.)

Here, the honour of being chosen to do this speech is acknowledged by an amusing Best Man who regards the Groom as a brother rather than a cousin. The Groom is reminded of his love of dirty jokes, his passion for cooking and his obsession with football. Analogies are used to link the Groom’s sporting talent with the beautiful occasion today. If you’re single and want to use your dodgy dating record to big-up the marriage, this speech will get you off the mark.

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Aunts and uncles, mums and dads, grandmas and grandpas, nieces and nephews, friends and acquaintances… make yourselves comfortable. It’s story time. Since you're my captive audience, I am now going to air everyone’s dirty laundry. If you have something to hide or are easily embarrassed, this would be a good time to go to that other wedding the less-popular family member invited you to.

A Female Best Man #1

(The Groom's close female friend serves as the Best Man and talks about Groom's loyalty, motorcycle interest and choice of teaching career.)

As Best Woman, your role is a pretty unique one. This sets up some great material for your speech. Plus people are likely to be even more on your side than they would for a 'normal' Best Man. Milk it for all it's worth!

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When Paul asked me to be his best man, I had some questions of my own for him, such as “Where the heck do I get fitted for a tux?” and “Where are we having the bachelorette party?”