Bride’s brother

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  1. Good evening, I’m John. As Linda’s big brother, I always knew this day would come. I would stand before a crowd at her wedding, as I do today; look the man she has chosen in the eye and say, “You are not worthy. Go home.” What I didn’t expect, was to be standing here as Paul’s best man and to be admitting that he is most certainly worthy of my sister.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to be with you as we celebrate the union of my little sister, Linda, to the love of her life, Paul. Nothing means more to them and our families than sharing this special day with you. Ever since she was a little girl, Linda dreamed of a lavish outdoor wedding with garlands of roses on a warm summer day. Today, her dream came true; though speaking as a man in a tux, an unseasonably cool summer day would have been a fine wish too. But anything for my little sister.

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