Relating other's compliments

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  1. At the wedding rehearsal yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of talking with Linda’s close friends. They talked about how she’s the friend they turn to when they need to vent over a foolish boyfriend or for advice on how to land the job of their dreams. They also said she has some pretty sweet moves on the dance floor. So let’s see them!

  2. In researching this speech, I’ve tried to find some dirt on Linda, but neither her brother nor her best friends could give me anything. As I'm sure you noticed it wasn’t a problem that I had with Paul. Linda is well liked by everyone, and I have never met anyone who has had anything but good things to say about her – which is wonderful for Paul, but a bit inconvenient for me at this precise moment. It means that I have to continue to shower her with platitudes. But seriously, Linda, you have had a huge positive impact on Paul, and we now speak of Paul ‘BL’ and ‘WL’ - ‘before Linda’ and ‘with Linda’.

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