Humorous wedding observations

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  1. I’m sure you’ll all agree that the venue is utterly spectacular. Paul and Linda in particular should take the time to gaze up enjoy the magnificent ceiling over their heads. It’s the last one they’ll see in a while, as they’ve had to mortgage their house to pay for it.

  2. Now Terri and Wes may have gotten married in a registrar's office rather than a church, but that doesn't make their day and their union any less special. It's actually the perfect venue for both of them considering their characters; they're plain speakers, they don't like to make much of a fuss, and they both love a good bargain. They've actually booked a 2 for 1, you know. Let's hope in the next few months someone either dies or has a baby, or both!

  3. There's a wonderful symmetry about today's occasion as this is the very same place where both Simon and Louise were born and christened. Hopefully they'll both be back here soon for another family get-together - when their baby is born, obviously. As late as Simon was, I don't think Louise has planned his funeral just yet.