Best man speech videos

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A timely best man joke

Calm and confident delivery is one of the most important things you can bring to a speech. This video is a prime example of how to deliver a set-up and punch-line properly.

“On Thursday night past, on their final night together before wedlock, Alan gets all romantic. He says to Marie, I’d like you to tell me in one sentence something that will make me happy as well as sad at the same time. She says, you’ve got a bigger willy than your brother.”

Now obviously this material wouldn’t work if the Groom’s brother had actually slept with the Bride, but it’s a great example of how you can throw in believable one-liners into a wedding speech and have them really liven things up. The initial anecdote seemed realistic, so that’s why you had such a great pay-off at the end.

“Alan told me that last night Marie turned to him in bed and said “What do you think you’d be doing tomorrow if you weren’t marrying me?” He laid there for a while, struggling to think of an answer that wouldn’t get him in trouble. Eventually, he figured it out. “Nothing probably, everyone I know is at a wedding”.

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