Best man speech videos

Our goal is to provide a simple and fast way for people to see great wedding speech performances. Watch hilarious best men in action and see the cracking response you'll get using carefully crafted roasts and toasts.

Playing the waiting game

The vast majority of your speech should be about the bride, the groom, the day itself, or your involvement and relationship with either of those things – unless you’ve slept with the bride, then keep schtum.
That being said, you can throw in a few references to yourself and your own life if you keep them brief and meaningful. In this example, our best man gets his speech off to a fantastic start by playing with the idea that some people present may not know who he is or what he does for a living.
“For anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Steven McQuaid, I’m 24 years of age and I’m a pilot from the rich part of Castlebar. For anyone that does know me, I’m Steven McQuaid, I’m 33, and I still live with my parents. Don’t judge me though, they’re both 80. I’m just playing the waiting game. That house will be mine in no time.”
From this gag, one could easily link to a line or anecdote about the groom’s parents, the happy couple’s living situation or something about death or deceit. Linking your speech up using common elements helps create structure, and by beginning with a hilarious bit like this, the speaker also sets the tone for the rest of the speech to come.