Best man speech videos

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From the bottom of my heart

A little bit of blue humour is appreciated by all but the most conservative of audiences, but even so, it’s wise to employ double-entendres and complex metaphors rather than overtly profane language. Children and sensitive people may be in the audience – some of them may even be paying attention – so if you do want to make a few naughty jokes, keep their meanings obfuscated enough so that only the grown-ups will know what you mean.
“I love ya’s both from the bottom of my heart – today has been nothing short of amazing. Hope ya’s both enjoyed it. Britt, I’ll just leave you with a few words of advice. Just do what all of his footy coaches have done in the past: put him in every position. And if that doesn’t work, pull him off.”
This line is wonderfully worked, and it quite rightly gets a great reception. Not only does the best man avoid any sexually explicit language, but he manages to relate the content back to the groom’s sporting background, while also including the bride as part of the routine too. As closing lines go, this one ticks all the boxes.