Best man speech videos

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Offensive sounds

Being chosen as someone’s best man is a real honour, and by thanking the groom for bestowing you with this role, you’ll begin your speech with a touch of class. To retain this sense of decorum, magnanimity should always be displayed towards any other potential best man candidates in the room. Making out that you’re better than the other candidates as a joke is perfectly fine, but if you sound like you’re taking yourself seriously you’ll come across as a bit of a jerk.
The best man in this video is actually the groom’s brother, and he hits all the right notes early on by praising those who weren’t chosen to be the best man. Offering compliments to other men demonstrates maturity and depth, but a humorous palate cleanser is often useful in the immediate aftermath of some genuine sentiment. In this case, after his statement of gratitude, the best man turns things around by revealing an unspoken truth.
“I’m delighted to be in this role and it is a privilege, Justin. When he first asked me to be the best man I was taken aback because Justin has so many great friends. Many of them here today, pleasantly smiling and relieved they’re not up here.” A simple comparison joke rounds off the piece, but it is the speaker’s droll, dry manner which really helps him pull this routine off - although it could be delivered in a jovial, laddish way too, depending on your character.