Best man speech videos

Our goal is to provide a simple and fast way for people to see great wedding speech performances. Watch hilarious best men in action and see the cracking response you'll get using carefully crafted roasts and toasts.


There are several parts to a speech that are absolutely crucial to get right, and one of those is the opening. This Best Man hits the right notes and packs in three big laughs in the first joke. You should always try to start with one of, if not the strongest line you have.

“I think it’s fair to say Dan is as thick as mince. When God was handing out brains Dan thought he said trains and asked for an empty carriage. That might seem like a fairly harsh opening statement, and for a normal best man I’d agree, but I’m his little brother, and I can prove it.”

As you can see the first statement that Dan is thick covers a personal quality which everyone’s aware of. Your subject might be lazy, driven, artistic, or boringly reliable. Make light of this and then hit your audience with a jokey exaggeration. Top off your short routine with a personal touch referencing your family life, and you’ll have the audience eating out of the palm of your hand. But don’t go too far. A speech spent ribbing the Groom over one particular quality won’t go down well.

“As many of you know Dan is a bit of a chancer. You give him an inch and he’ll take a mile. But Dan, if you give a woman an inch, she’s in for a disappointing wedding night. As kids if I had something he’d always have to have it too. I’d be playing on my Playstation and he’d burst into my room asking “Can I have a go, can I have a go?”. Thankfully this behaviour stopped before I brought round my first girlfriend”.