Female friend

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  1. When Paul asked me to be his best man, I had three questions: Is this legal? Do I have to wear a tux? And, did you just call me a man? Initially, I struggled with the terminology of my new role. The best woman, of course, is the bride. So what does that make me; the best woman once removed? Then I realized I was missing the point. What I am is one of Paul’s closest friends. Our friendship transcends protocol and tradition, which is why I am here now, thankfully, without a tux.

  2. Hi, I’m Lizzie, Paul’s best man. I know there must be those of you who are thinking that it is crazy for a best man to be a woman. When you think of a best man’s duties however, I think you will agree that being a woman is an advantage. After all who better than a woman to manage an anxious and uptight man?

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