Her positive influence on the groom (Humorous)

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  1. Before Linda accepted Paul's proposal of marriage, she wanted to clarify a few things. In particular, she wanted to limit the amount of football he was watching on TV. Well, thank goodness they managed to sort it out. In the end, Paul agreed that he would stop watching any game as soon as the last point was scored.

  2. Ellen, thank you, thank you, thank you for the transformative effect you’ve had on this guy. Oh, how Jon’s changed since he’s met you: The bed wetting has stopped almost completely. He finally understands that the length of his nose hair is not a measure of his masculinity. He’s also stopped pestering me with questions like, “what do boobies feel like?” And he’s matured. He’s stopped believing in some of his childish fantasies. For example, he’s even gotten over not being able to vote for Ron Paul for President.

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