Best man duties

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  1. Having never been a best man before I was actually terrified, and had no idea what my responsibilities as best man were. My wife suggested I go on the internet and Ask Jeeves, so I did, and I was bombarded with a wealth of information. There were several articles to read and a list of Best Man's duties. I read these with great interest and one sentence really grabbed my attention, it said: MAKE SURE THAT THE GROOM'S FACE AND HAIR ARE IN ORDER. Well, I have to say that if nature didn't get them in order the first time around what chance have I got?

  2. It’s not uncommon for the best man to be rather intimidated by the duties he has to perform, but ever since Paul asked me I’ve felt pretty relaxed. Because he’s so organized and a bit of a control freak, I thought that he would take care of the whole thing – the bachelor party, which he pretty much did, the wedding, which he and Linda have been fanatically working on, and, of course, my speech. So come on, Paul – can I have it now, please?

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