Fall wedding

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  1. It is said that a Fall wedding is a very special one, because at a time when so much of the life around us is changing colors and dying, we gather together for a celebration of life and a brand new beginning. Indeed, today we are very privileged to welcome a new married couple into the world. I hope that every time you celebrate your anniversary, you will always think back to this wonderful Autumn day and remember all the love and warmth that you feel in this room right now.

  2. Today, I think we have all learned that there are few things more marvelous than an Autumn wedding, and nothing more beautiful than a Fall bride. It is wonderful occasions like this that provide us all with great memories that we will never, ever forget, and I am incredibly honored to have been of part of this special day. Also, I want to thank you for getting married at this time of the year, because now, whenever I see the leaves turning color and falling off the trees, I’ll be reminded that it’s time to buy your anniversary gift.

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