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Tap into our entertaining, compelling content, and show your friend, the groom, he picked the right man for the job! We employ a stable of 70 professional writers from across the U.S. to ensure we provide the most up-to-date, original content. In addition to making sure we cover all the right topics, we're also careful to include numerous tones and styles, so there really is something for everyone. Further, we provide both humorous roasts and touching tributes, enabling you to strike the perfect balance with ease.

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Is the groom a college friend who is video-game-obsessed, works in finance and can't dance to save his life? Or perhaps he's a childhood friend who loves the outdoors and is passionate about philanthropy. Whatever your story, we've got you covered.

TheBestManSpeech.com is the #1 website for best man speeches in both the US and UK. The UK service launched in 2001, and has enjoyed tremendous growth (and success), increasing its catalog of original content significantly each year since 2001. Somewhat unexpectedly, 15% of the UK site's traffic was coming from the U.S. Given this strong interest from the states, an effort began in 2007 to establish a U.S. version of the site, with its own unique content representative of an American point-of-view and sense of humor. After two years of dedicated content development, in summer of 2008, this U.S. version of the site was launched.

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  • Your opportunity to wow the audience and create a moment at the wedding people will be talking about for all the right reasons.
  • The Internet's largest collection of original wedding speech material, ensuring your speech will never sound canned.
  • The Internet's only truly interactive Speech Builder, enabling you to perfectly express everything you want to say.
  • More than 75 fully-finished, professionally-written speeches that are instant crowd pleasers.

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