Getting Started

The most difficult part

It was that wise sage MC Hammer who once implored, "Let's get it started." Blinded by all his confidence, he seemed unaware of just how hard that could be. The beginning of everything (especially a writing project) is often the most difficult part-even if you have a really pertinent MC Hammer quote at the ready. Already an unnecessarily pressurized task to execute on the actual wedding day, with all eyes on you (including that cute, single cousin of the bride you've been trying to impress all night), your best man speech becomes daunting well before that, once you sit down to start to figure out what you are going to say.

Well, while we can't execute the delivery for you, will absolutely help with the rest, especially those beginning stages when your ideas are just floating around, trying to avoid capture and permanent relocation from your head to the blank piece of paper in front of you.

The best trove of goodies to help you organize all those brilliant thoughts is our Interactive Speech Builder. From the opening lines to the closing toast, our "parts-of-speech" give a condensed, yet comprehensive, outline of every piece you need to create an incredible speech (occasion observations, tributes to the bride and groom, roasts, reflections on your friendship, etc.).

With the tried and true parts-of-speech in place as your outline, it's time to think about the tone you want to set. We recommend a solid mixture of sentimental and hilarious (both of which are well represented throughout this site's content); start thinking about which of the parts-of-speech you'd like to fit within those two camps.

The next step is to build out the actual speech - and that's where it really gets fun. Click around the Speech Content page, and check out the volumes of hysterical and sentimental short-form content options. Add your favorite content selections to the Clipboard, and voila - you're writing your speech.

Before long you'll see where the common themes are, where the stories overlap, where the quotes and jokes can melt into the pot, and you'll start working it all into place on the Clipboard. You may also want to check out more in this Speech Tips & Advice section-to see how we can assist you in coming up with good quotes, funny stories and relevant anecdotes that will leave that attractive cousin of the bride alternately moved to tears and laughing hysterically, in absolute awe of your pure genius.

Basically, leave it to us to help you get started. In fact, with our Speech Builder and our parts-of-speech, we've pretty much already gotten it started for you, ensuring you have all you need to get past the hardest first hurdle. The only thing we can't ensure is your abilities on the dance floor, after you take that cousin out for a twirl. You're on your own there; but with our help, and the undeniable inspiration of one MC Hammer, you'll be where you never thought you'd be: off to a damn good start.