Amusing friendship reminisces

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  1. I've known the groom for a number of years and of course there are plenty of things I could tell you about his younger days. However, at the bride's request I've been asked to focus solely on his positive attributes – you know, the ones that were hammered into him after meeting Linda.

  2. Bryan and I have always looked out for each other, and even though he hasn't been on a night out in about a decade, I was glad to see that nothing had changed when we met up for the stag do. Ever the protector, Bry leapt into action and smashed a glass on the floor when he noticed someone had slipped something into my drink. That something was a shot. We were drinking Jagerbombs. He had no idea, bless him.

  3. Twenty-one years, Freddie and I have known each other, and in that time we've been through thick and thin. What can I say; I prefer big girls… and he likes tissues.