Groom tribute

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  1. Being with Paul is always such a laugh to be around, but there’s a lot more to him than that. He’s a kind and thoughtful guy, a shoulder to cry on in the bad times, a mind to consult in difficult ones. I’m not the best man here today… Paul is.

  2. In a way, I feel like I'm giving away Tom today, just as Richard is giving away Lucy. You treat him right you hear, missy! In all seriousness though, I know that Tom will always make time for his friends, and he'd never have agreed to marry any woman who would make him do otherwise. This loyalty is something he'll also show to his beautiful new bride as well, if not his football team. Yes, this supposedly dedicated Liverpool fan was once a fan of Manchester United as a child. That just blows my mind.

  3. Neil is a generous soul, as I'm sure Amanda has found out already. If he's got an extra chicken nugget to spare he'll gladly let you have it. If you want to go home when it's your round there's no drama. And if you ever need a lift somewhere, he'll run you there and back no charge. Which reminds me, I've got a haircut in half an hour. Have you got five minutes, mate?