Bride compliments

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  1. Paul, I’ve known Linda for a much shorter amount of time than I’ve known you, but already I feel I can say this about her. She’s a much better person than you’ll ever be.

  2. It's a testament to Joanne's affable nature that the first time we met her she seemed like one of the lads immediately. She bought a round in, she got our sense of humour immediately, and she came out with some great lines of her own at the urinals.

  3. The one problem Milo always had as a kid was he was so damn handsome he'd turn every girl paranoid. They'd check his phone, text him a hundred times a day, and he couldn't so much as be friends with a girl without causing drama. Thankfully, Jenny knows what she's worth, she knows why Milo's with her. To put it simply, she knows better. To put it more accurately, she knows he can't do any better.