Humorous take on bride & grooms relationship

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  1. People here today who might not have seen you both together will have noticed how there is such a buzz, a beautiful chemistry between you. What they don’t know is that you two look this happy every single day.

  2. These two really are an example for us all, though. I mean no disrespect to their former partners, but neither are the kind to settle for second best, and it seems they both knew they'd found the one almost as soon as they'd met. I guess that explains the shotgun wedding! Either that or Erica's up the duff.

  3. As romantic as the idea of marriage is, it's clear to everyone who knows them that Noah and Harriett didn't need a piece of paper, a ring or a fancy ceremony to cement their love. Theirs is a relationship which would have lasted a lifetime regardless. What I'm saying is you've wasted 20 grand, the pair of you.