Humorous closing lines

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  1. Now that you’re finally married I feel it is my duty to give you both a little advice. To the groom: Never question your wife’s judgment – look who she married! And to the bride: Be sparing with your nagging – you have a lifetime to spread it out over!

  2. If I can give Amanda one piece of advice it's this; nagging Trevor is not the way to get him to do anything. He gets stubborn when he's pestered. Turn everything into a challenge instead. I bet you couldn't do that washing up before Corrie starts. Those bushes look unkempt, it'd take a real man to prune those. Did you know that men who give the last bit of Toblerone to their wife are statistically 90% better at lovemaking than those who do not?

  3. As a married man myself, the wisest thing my wife and I have ever done was to agree to switch sides halfway through an argument to see the other person's point of view. It helps you gain a new sense of perspective and respect for your partner's position. That being said, it can be a bit weird sometimes, like when I had to passionately espouse the benefits of having my wedding tackle snipped.