Humorous wedding observations

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  1. Wasn’t the ceremony just beautiful today? And it all went without so much as a hiccup. Aside from that awkward moment where the vicar invited me to take a pew and I told him I didn’t need one.

  2. Am I the only one who gets nervous during that part of the ceremony when the priest asks if anyone in the room has anything to declare. I know for sure that neither of them has cheated on each other, but I also know Uncle John feels guilty about those 8,000 fags he snuck over from Calais last week.

  3. The only awkward part about that beautiful ceremony was the part where the vicar said that Mark and Ellie had accepted their love for Jesus and each other. Ellie's ex-boyfriend was a Brazilian named yep, you guessed it, Jesus. Or is it pronounced Hey-zoos? Either way it's a bit weird he was given a mention.