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  1. When writing this speech I turned to the East to draw upon the wisdom of the Chinese. For those of you that don’t know, Chinese Horoscopes are based on the year that you were born and are depicted by animals… I myself was born the year of the snake. Those born under this sign are deep thinkers and methodical with a reputation of wisdom, charming and seductive, fastidious about their looks and have elegant taste. Since all of those these things are true, I knew it was worth checking out. Paul was born in the year of the Rabbit!! Not much else to be said about that really. And Linda, she is considered by the Chinese to be exotic, willful and elegant. But be careful, Paul, the Chinese also consider her to be superior to all other animals… Linda was born in the year of the Dragon!

  2. So what does the future hold for the happy couple? Is it really written in the stars? Well, I had a look. Linda, your ruling star is Venus. This forecasts you to have a spectacular start to the summer for your love life. With house moves a distinct possibility. Paul, your Venus is moving into Uranus. This forecasts major jobs around the home requiring concerted efforts being best left until after August. Or when ever is convenient.

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