For the best man honour

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  1. Making speeches is not my favourite role. The very thought of making one terrifies me and whenever people try to inflict such a role on me I reply at once with a point blank, ‘No!’ But it’s an honour, and, on a day such as this, it’s one of the greatest a very special friend can bestow on one. And I am certainly aware of this and am tremendously grateful for being asked. So here goes!

  2. There’s no greater a privilege than to be asked to be a best man, and no more terrifying a prospect than having to do the Best Man’s speech. It’s the speech that no one wants to do. The best man doesn’t really know what he’s expected to say and yet his speech is supposed to be humorous – but it might not be. It’s supposed to be short – but it probably won’t be. It should be original – but it seldom is. It should not offend – but most do. And finally, it’s supposed to be sincere and I certainly intend mine to be. In fact, I cannot be more sincere than to say to Paul what an honour you have done me by asking me to be your Best Man today.

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