Revealing a funny groom trait

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  1. Oscar Wilde once quipped that true friends stab you in the front, and that’s something I would happily have done today. Unfortunately, it seems Paul has led a life of such purity and magnanimity, that he’s left me with little more than a metaphorical feather to attack him with. And he’s not even ticklish.

  2. If you're writing a speech about someone you'd typically include a rundown of their goals, their achievements and their daily activities. That's not possible with Paul, not unless you want to hear 30 minutes of anecdotes about Xbox, X-Files and X-rated google searches.

  3. Writing a best man speech about your best friend is easy; it's basically a list of all the insults I've thrown Jack's way over the years, and he's heard all those. It'd be much trickier if Kelly was doing this; Jack's got no idea what she's been saying behind his back.

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