Entertaining version of bride & groom's romance

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  1. Being ever the romantic, when he proposed, Paul dropped an engagement ring into Linda’s glass of champers. Of course, it’s not the only time he’s slipped something into a girl’s drink to win her over.

  2. Vik's always been romantic, so it was no surprise when he proposed to Diana atop the Eiffel tower. No seriously, it really wasn't a surprise; he wore really tight jeans and Di says it was obvious he had an engagement band in his pocket - either that or a serious case of ringworm.

  3. What Paula doesn't know is that Ian initially planned to propose to her using a skywriter. Now anyone who knows Ian will testify that he waffles quite a bit. Anyway, having been quoted $32million to write his airborne proposal essay, Ian decided it'd be easier to just do it in the park.