Humorous take on bride & grooms relationship

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  1. Some people have special glasses for reading, and others have them for driving. Linda has a special pair just for looking at Paul. They’re a strange, rose-tinted kind of design.

  2. Every couple has their little routines, and Pete and Noelle are no exception. It's what they love about each other. He'll leave a door open, she'll shut it after him. He'll leave his pants on the floor, she'll pick them up. He'll lose his keys, she'll let him inside when he's mown the lawn and taken the bins out. Aren't they just the cutest?

  3. Ross has always been a positive person. In fact, when he first started speaking to Alannah, he said he could really see the good in her. Sadly, 'the good' was a nickname he'd given to his… well, you can work it out.