Humorous take on bride & grooms relationship

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  1. Linda and Paul each have their own plans for the future. She wants to start her own family whilst progressing in her career, and possibly even setting up her own business. Paul wants a bigger TV.

  2. Barry has always had a desire to travel the world, but Fran is something of a home girl. Now that they're married, they'll have to compromise by spending their evenings watching travel documentaries while eating weird bits of an animal other cultures call 'delicacies'.

  3. Education is a big part of Leila's life, and she's determined to put herself through university when she gets settled down. John, on the other hand, would rather put himself through a plate glass window. He's done it all already, having attended the school of hard knocks, the university of life and the college of reckoning much but knowing sod all.