Entertaining version of bride & groom's romance

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  1. People have asked me if Paul has changed in the three years that he has been with Linda. But, in all honesty, he hasn’t changed much. Although today he has at least managed to put on a fresh shirt.

  2. I think Callum's been a little too casual in his approach to Cath ever since she said yes. It's like when David De Gea signed a new contract at United. It doesn't mean they won't leave mate, it'll just cost a hell of a lot more if they do.

  3. Leroy's never been a fickle man, but since he got with Samira his personality has changed remarkably. He says 'pardon' instead of 'what', 'thank you' instead of 'about time', and 'no I have things to do tonight' instead of 'yes let's get absolutely bloody arseholed'.