Humorous closing lines

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  1. When this speech finally reaches its climax – which, you’ll be glad to hear, it’s about to – you’ll have the opportunity to stretch your legs, get a drink and whisper to your partner in hushed tones about how I went on for at least ten minutes too long, and how you’ve heard a rumour I wasn’t first choice for best man anyway.

  2. Those of you with a short attention span will be pleased to know I'm almost done. But don't get out of your seats just yet, because Les has a 10-minute poem he's written especially for the occasion. What? He left it on the bus? Ah, I guess we'll do the first dance instead then.

  3. It is my final duty to inform you that the people invited to the evening do will shortly be arriving. They may not have been as important as you, but rest assured they were expected to bring gifts of equal or greater value, so please make them feel welcome.