Humorous wedding observations

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  1. With the position of best man comes many responsibilities, and it’s understandable Paul wanted to make sure he got the right man for the job. I can just about understand the application form and three rounds of job interviews. But that training weekend in Reading was probably going too far.

  2. There's more to being a best man than reading a speech and taping him naked to a lamppost on his stag do. You've got to buy the tape, find the lamppost, buy enough drinks to make him pliable, keep lookout for the police, and then you've got the unenviable task of hosing down the lamppost the day after. It took a full hazmat team in the end.

  3. Simon chose me to be best man because I'd displayed all the qualities and skills required during our years of friendship. I've always organised nights out, I've made sure he gets home safe, I've only ever spoken highly of him to friends and family, and most importantly, I've kept the only ring in my possession sparkling clean.