Best Man

Speech Guides

Below, we've got tips and advice for crafting your content, maximising your ideas and delivering your speech. Our guides have been created to help you get the most out of every line. You'll find practical step-by-step direction on every aspect of the best man speech.

Best Man Speech Rules

The list of Do's and Don'ts every best man should adhere to.

Unleash Your Inner Stand-Up

The audience expect you to make them laugh. Stick to this simple guide and you'll have them rolling in the isles.

Best Man's Speeches - The Top 10 Mistakes

Speaking too quickly, milking it, reciting long anecdotes - pay close attention to keep out of trouble.

Grit Your Teeth And Bare Your Heart

Learn how to convey the bond you share with the groom.

Controlling Speech Nerves

It's normal to be nervous. Here are eight things you can do to help take the pressure off.

Writing Topical Best Man Speech Icebreakers

See how to create last-minute topical additions to your speech.

Creating A Compelling Opening Line

If you're stuck before you've started, this should get the wheels turning for you.

Introducing Yourself - Best Man Speech Style

A well-crafted explanation of who you are is a critical part of building rapport with the audience.

Building Up To The Character Assassination

See how to get the audience on side and rooting for you.

Planning The Assault

If you're already brimming with ideas, this will turn them into real wedding speech material.

Weaving In Compliments

Learn how to include at least one genuinely nice thing about the groom.

Finishing On A High

Lean how to tailor an ending for both the audience and newlyweds.

Writing your Best Man speech - a special guide for BROTHERS of the groom

If you're the groom's brother people will expect a little light-hearted teasing. Learn how to bring the house down.

Show Me The Funny - Using Humour To Your Advantage

Some things work, some things don't. Learn which things are what things.

The Art of Best Man Speech Story-Telling

Hone your storytelling skills with these vital tips.

And You Can Quote Me ...

See how careful use of quotations can add much to your best man's speech.

On This Day - Best Man Jokes

Information for crafting 'on this day in history' wedding speech jokes.

Musical Wedding Speeches

Listen to a discussion on BBC Radio Scotland on the topic of the musical wedding speech.