Groom’s joy

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  1. Charles Dickens said a measure of a woman’s love for her man was the lengths to which she was prepared to go to make him happy. If this holds true, then Linda, you have reached that goal, for Paul is the happiest I have ever seen him.

  2. Look at them sitting there. If they were any happier we’d have to throw a net over them. And just look at that contented smile on Paul’s face. It’s that same look I’d see when I’d find him late at night in the kitchen finishing off the chocolate cake… or just having won a poker hand with a pair of threes. Until we met Linda, we thought you were bluffing, Paul. But you really are holding aces. Linda, he didn’t tell you that he was a diplomat or an oil magnate or some such thing, did he? Good, good, just checking.

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