Wedding postponed / breakup

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  1. At this point I’d like to congratulate the happy couple and say how happy I am they eventually got back together despite being apart for a short time. Linda always said that they’d get back together and, as Paul will testify, Linda is always right.

  2. Most of you won't know this, but the wedding was actually supposed to take place last year. But as far as Paul was concerned, the timing just wasn't acceptable – because years ago a few of us had this bet that whoever got married first had to give £100 to the rest of the group. Well, unfortunately for Paul, this time last year none of us were married. He was obviously distraught at the thought of losing any money, so he decided to postpone the wedding until someone else tied the knot. And that was Tom and Lisa last August. So skinflint Paul here breathed a sigh of relief, and went ahead with the plans for today.

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