Internet romance

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  1. It is quite remarkable that Paul and Linda met online. Who would have ever thought, since they were each looking for such different qualities in a mate. Paul would go to the dating site and put in his search… honest, dependable, and intelligent. Linda, she would go online and type in… couch potato and snores.

  2. Paul and Linda met on the internet. I got Paul started on the internet dating stuff and he had a difficult time at first, until I explained that he needed to look at the Women Seeking Men category. Eventually, he posted some information and a photograph. He described himself as good humoured, adventurous, sporty … and everything else he said was true. Although the photo he sent was an old one, when he still had lots of hair. Come to think of it, he also lied about his height, weight and age. But that’s the internet for you.

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