Same sex wedding

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  1. Today we have all witnessed what at one time seemed like the unlikeliest dream for these newlyweds. For most of their lives, they dared not even hope for such a day. They decided together, love was what mattered. Not what others thought. But Paul and Mark have only encountered support and love. I believe that is because their relationship is so strong. When you show the world only love, as these two do everyday, you receive even more in return. And no one can argue that there is surely lots of love in this room right now.

  2. For Paul and Mark, the significance of this day is profound. It’s not because they are making a statement. They did not invite us here to push an agenda, play politics or to act politically correct. They simply wanted to marry for the same reasons we all do: because they fell in love. And, they could use a new set of china. Two birds with one stone.

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