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What if I am not happy with my speech?

We are so certain you'll leave the audience wanting more, we offer a full money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, just notify us within 2 business days and you will receive a full refund. No questions asked.

There's nothing about the groom or our relationship that is close to typical. So how will be able to help me?

With hundreds of groom traits, qualities, and interests to choose from, we have the right lines for every situation! Whether you've known the groom since childhood, if you're a recent acquaintance, or if you have a tattered relationship with the groom, we'll help you find the exact words to deliver. Is the groom a professional butcher, a dentist, or in the military? Does he like NASCAR, video games or karaoke? Did he ever grow a moustache or get his ear pierced? has the right lines for these situations and many, many more!

I have a lot of good ideas already. Do I still need to use will help you convert your good ideas into a great speech! Maybe you need a few more ideas to fill out your speech. Maybe you need to figure out how to pull it all together. Or maybe you just want to make sure that you covered all the key components for a first-rate speech. We not only offer thousands of lines, jokes, quotes and anecdotes, but we help you understand how the pieces fit together, and we offer an array of tips and advice to help you deliver your knock-out speech!

I wouldn't want people to think I gave a "canned" speech. How do I know that won't be the case?

Unlike most other speech-writing sites where they "customize" your speech by dropping your name & the groom's name into a pre-written speech (that has probably been used by dozens of other Best Men), will allow you to create a speech so personal, so unique, that people will feel the sincerity and know it is one-of-a-kind. Plus, our speech content is always evolving. We're constantly adding new content to ensure your speech will be fresh and original.

What if I'm short on time?

We've got you covered! We have over 100 professionally-written speeches for you to choose from on our Ready-to-Go Speeches page. And even here you will have help selecting the speech that most accurately represents your situation. We'll ask you to select your desired tone, define your relationship to the groom, and select from specific topics you wish to be covered in your speech. Based on your choices, we'll present you with the fully-written speeches that best meet your needs.

Now that I have my speech, I still feel nervous about GIVING my speech. What should I do?

Don't panic! Our "Tips & Advice" section provides you with all of the necessary resources you need to speak confidently while delivering your speech. Whether you're speaking in front of 20 people or 200, our primary goal is to make YOU look great!