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  • "Last weekend I was able to deliver a speech that I thought was beyond me. Your speech material categories helped make the content flow, and the jokes were fantastic, the laughter came in the right place every time. Many people have since said how good the speech was, and that they thought the one-liners were brilliant. What a confidence boost!"
    Jason C., Maine
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    Ryan E., Massachusetts
  • "The content of this site exceeded my expectations. You have such a thorough and comprehensive collection of speeches. What I most appreciated was the structured approach to organizing all of the paragraphs of speech material. I was quickly able to find the examples most appropriate to me."
    Lucas H., Kentucky
  • "Thanks to the library of material on this website I was able to make a speech very specific to my circumstances. I found the 'Clipboard' template to be an excellent guideline. I don't know what I would have done without this site."
    Kelly M., Michigan
  • "You gave me timely insight into best man speech ideas, structures and jokes. Of particular benefit was the structured speech builder which allowed me to rapidly find relevant lines. The depth of material provided is second to none."
    Corey D., New York