Groom's noteworthy accomplishments

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  1. It is fitting and proper at a wedding for the best man to rehearse the many accomplishments of the groom. And there is no better way of pointing the bride’s family in the right direction to view Paul’s worth than via his academic record. Among other stellar achievements, a high school valedictorian, he graduated top of his class in Law from Stanford winning all the Honours prizes! If you were to think that having had great success academically he must be a pretty cerebral kind of person – you’d be wrong. Paul is a man whose warmth as a human being is legendary, whose loyalty to friends and family is limitless, whose sense of fun is fiendish, whose love of life is endless, and whose generosity genuinely knows no bounds.

  2. Some may say that Paul’s greatest achievement was graduating from college with honors. However, I believe Paul’s greatest achievement was graduating from college without dishonoring the family name.

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