Bride & groom’s horoscope

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  1. As you folks may or may not know, Paul is a Scorpio and Linda is a Pisces. So in preparation for today I went to an astrologist to see what would happen when a Scorpio and a Pisces entered into holy matrimony. The Pisces, Linda, will offer the Scorpio compassion and sympathy. The Scorpio, Paul, will offer the Pisces commitment and stability. I’ve never really felt I understood this astrology stuff. But I do know that Sony are promising to reduce the price of their Playstation 3 this week, so there could never be a better time to stay indoors with the lights off and shutters down.

  2. So what does the future hold for the happy couple? Is it really written in the stars? Well, I had a look. Linda, your ruling star is Venus. This forecasts you to have a spectacular start to the summer for your love life. With house moves a distinct possibility. Paul, your Venus is moving into Uranus. This forecasts major jobs around the home requiring concerted efforts being best left until after August. Or when ever is convenient.

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