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Best man's relation to groom / House mate
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1 I met Paul when I first moved to Preston. I was looking for someone to share a house with and contacted a small introductions agency. Basically, they gave you a short interview and paired you up with other squatters, sorry, house hunting people … much like a dating agency! A sort of! Now, I specifically requested to be matched up with a petite bubbly blonde, which is how I ended up with Paul. Next time, I will definitely pay more attention to specifying gender. But to my horror, shortly after moving into a house together, Paul told me that he’d requested to be matched up with a ‘fat freak’.
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2 I've known the groom for many years, and even shared a house with him for a couple of them. I think it’s fair to say that we were drawn together by our mutual laziness. We both like nothing more than to sit in front of the TV watching the footie with a tin of Fosters and a pizza. The thought of spending hours getting dressed up just so we can go and meet a few friends seems like a complete waste of time. So we hope you all appreciate the effort we’ve gone to today.
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