High school sweethearts

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  1. While the sparks flew for Charlie and Karen at recess in elementary school, they didn’t begin dating until high school. And as other couples broke up before heading off to college, Charlie and Karen decided to stick it out. They knew it wouldn’t be easy, but they worked at it and relied on their love for each other. The love and strength of these high school sweethearts that brought them here today will surely help them build a wonderful future together.

  2. Paul’s commitment to his high school sweetheart shows just how passionate and devoted he is. I must admit, this one took me a long time to accept. High school sweethearts. One woman for the rest of your life. How many red-blooded 18 year-old boys sign on for that? I was sure Paul would waver. So many beautiful girls, so little time. But that was not Paul. He stayed true to Linda. All those years ago, he was looking forward to this day.

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