Whirlwind romance

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  1. Once the two of them met, it didn’t take long for Paul and Linda to discover that they were made for each other. Because they were so compatible, they were able to skip over most of those silly dating rituals that the rest of us have to go through, and instead concentrate on just becoming closer to each other. There are some that might call theirs a whirlwind romance, but for those of us that really know Paul and Linda, we know that their meeting and their marriage today was destined since the beginning of time. Without question, theirs is a love that was always meant to be.

  2. If there ever was a true whirlwind romance, I believe that would apply to Paul and Linda. One day Paul is telling me about a wonderful woman he just met, then in the blink of an eye, I find myself giving an incredibly boring speech at their wedding reception. But don’t let their short romance fool you, because the great love and the special bond they have developed since they met are stronger than any I’ve ever seen… and I have no doubt that theirs is an extraordinary marriage that will weather any storm.

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