Internet romance

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  1. Jon and Jennifer defy the odds by being one of the Internet's matchmaking success stories. They not only met on, but they fell in love, and here we are celebrating their marriage. I mean, it is incredible when you come to think of it. There are many choices when you date online, and you go on so many dates hoping to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. In fact, Jennifer tells me that she had a terrible online date the night before meeting Jon. So lucky for you Jon, the expectations were really low when you showed up at her door.

  2. Paul and Linda started out their relationship the way of the new millennium...over the Internet. I guess it's a testament to their honesty and trust - that when they met, they were actually who they said they were…AND they liked what they saw! I commend them for having the courage to go beyond the considered "norm" of the dating world to find each other!

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