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  1. What can I say about Linda? She’s had four years, but I thought it would take her much longer to properly train Paul to keep him quiet or stop him from heckling. But I’ve been up here a few minutes already, and he hasn’t said a word!

  2. There are hecklers, and then there are hecklers, but Paul is among the best of them. Who else would you worry about yelling out taunts during his own wedding? When the reverend asked if anyone had any reasons that the wedding should not proceed, I was waiting for Paul to yell out “I have an objection! The bride is too classy for the groom.” Although, in that case, I think Linda would likely have been thinking the same thing. But what he lacks in restraint, he definitely makes up in good judgment. After all, he chose Linda as his partner in life and me as his Best Man.

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