Best man speech videos

Our goal is to provide a simple and fast way for people to see great wedding speech performances. Watch hilarious best men in action and see the cracking response you'll get using carefully crafted roasts and toasts.

Two small gifts

The old switcheroo never fails to work. By tricking the audience into thinking he’s about to make a grand, loving gesture to the Groom, this Best Man sets them up for a particularly funny fall.

“Before I move on to the more serious and heartfelt stuff, I’d like to present Martin with a small gift. These two small boxes. Now that you are married Martin, you’ll be needing somewhere to keep your testicles”.

You might be far too pleased with yourself and your little joke in the run up to this part, so what you need to do is practice until the joke is no longer funny. Read the funniest parts of your speech through until you’re sick of hearing your own voice. Not only will you be able to perform it from memory, but you’ll also avoid the chance of laughing before your own joke. This can completely ruin a set-up, but on this occasion the Best Man absolutely nails it. Here’s another prop-based joke you might like to try –

“Oh and before I carry on with the speech let me just give Martin these. (HAND HIM A PAIR OF SOCKS) He was panicking and saying something about his feet being cold this morning so I thought these might help”.