Best man speech videos

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When the happy couple first met

This is a great example of a joke that not only taps into what your audience know about the Groom, but it also helps those who perhaps don’t know him that well to find out what a preening self-confident peacock this guy is. When watching this video we suddenly feel like we know lots more about him from a single anecdote.

“I remember when Jeff called me and said, Pete…I’ve just met my wife! (PAUSE For AWW) He did, he said that. He said, she’s intelligent, smart, confident, beautiful, she has a great personality, she’s in shape, she’s like the female me.”

The delivery of this joke is also perfect, even though the guy has to stop to check his notes. Making your audience drop their guard with a nice “aww” moment is the perfect time to hit them with a hilarious right hook. A literal one though, this isn’t a Scottish wedding. Here’s another example of how you can throw in some comedic exaggeration to a revealing anecdote –

“I was actually with Pete when he first met Melanie and I’m sure many of you know how charming he can be. He’s got a way with words that could melt anyone’s heart. In fact there was many a time when he’d run his chat up lines past me and I’d suddenly realise I was giggling uncontrollably, as my hand slowly crept up his thigh.”