Best man speech videos

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A wedding wish from a brother

When you are delivering a speech you need to consider what kind of tone or character you want to portray. This guy plays a down-trodden brother personality perfectly.

“I wish you two all the best in your life together, I love you both. (BRIEF PAUSE FOR INTERNAL AWW) Mom made me say that.”

See the laugh he got there? There wasn’t any wordplay, no long, rambling anecdote, just precise delivery and a comic persona. What makes this line shine is how genuinely annoyed the Best Man sounds when he pretends his mother made him put actual feelings into the speech. This got such a great response because let’s face it; it’s probably got a nugget of truth in it. Sugar-coated sentiment is often shoe-horned in to speeches made on important family occasions. Connect with universally accepted truths like this in your speech, and you’ll knock the audience for six.

“Mom told me that this speech was an opportunity. A chance for me to tell you how much I love you, how much I respect you, and how I’ve looked up to you my whole life. But the thing is; you know I couldn’t ever lie to you like that. (PAUSE). I mean come on; you’re like a brother to me.”