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Advice for a new husband

The Father of the Bride will give some general advice about married life, but you might want to let your Groom know what it’s like for modern men too.

“One piece advice I’d like to give you Jerry, is do as much as you possibly can around the house. Do everything. I mean shopping, cooking, tidying up, vacuuming; except the washing. Don’t touch the washing. You’re not qualified. There’s systems; procedures, rotations, special hanging techniques, tissue discovery checklists, all of which can’t be taught, and won’t be learned. And, it’s scary too; you’ll find things you don’t wanna find. I remember discovering that my wife Jeannine must have some sort of eye abnormality, because I kept finding these eye patches, like the pirates wear. It turned out to be her underwear.”

The lead up to this joke could easily come off as bland and perhaps a little sexist in the wrong hands, but this cheeky chap gets away with it by coming across as light-hearted. If you’re covering gender stereotypes, such as women doing all the housework, you’ve got to make it clear through your delivery that you’re not serious. If you do it right, the women in the audience should be laughing as much as the men. Not sure about the material? Run it by a few ladies first. If their cheeks are red from laughing you’re onto a winner. If yours are red from slapping, maybe make a few changes. Here’s another example of some Best Man marital advice -

“Now that you’re married there are some things you and your wife will share, and some things you shouldn’t. You’ll share a bed, but not the details of everyone else you’ve shared one with. You’ll share your dreams, but not those weird ones about Aunty Susan you need therapy for. And finally, you’ll share a future, but never, ever share your internet browsing history.”