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Dishing the dirt

Mentioning a Groom’s exes isn’t advisable if you value your ability to reproduce, but if you really can’t help yourself then keep the references vague. This guy teased the audience with a potentially awkward topic, before rounding off the joke nicely.

“During my research I did find that it is tradition to run through Dan’s previous relationships and dish the dirt. But, I do find that such macho male posturing is quite vulgar and offensive to the Bride. Suffice to say Dan, number 75; it’s your lucky number.”

By alluding to the stereotypical content of Best Man speeches and throwing the audience in different directions throughout the joke he just about got away with it. Mentioning everyone’s concern with material like this was a great move, as he keeps the audience completely on his side even at the end. This may be a joke to avoid though if it’s known that the Groom genuinely was a little bit loose, especially if his indiscretions occurred during the relationship. Here’s another line that mocks the traditional content of a wedding speech -

“It’s about now we’re supposed to joke about the terrible things we did for Dan’s stag night, but to be honest most of it was pretty boring. There’s not a lot you can do locked in an 8 by 4 prison cell. And for those that want to know how we got there, the trial is three weeks tomorrow.”